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The Grenadier Guards is a modern, forward-thinking infantry regiment, despite being one of the oldest regiments in the British Army and the most senior of the five Regiments of Foot Guards.

The Regiment, as the Royal Regiment of Foot Guards, was formed in 1656 by King Charles the Second, who was then in exile in Bruges, Flanders.

The Grenadier Guards Regimental Association was formed in 1913, and currently consists of about 6000 members amongst 46 branches. The President of the Association is Colonel Euan Houstoun, OBE and he is supported by Major(Retired) Andy Green, the General Secretary, and LSgt Jay Ellingham, the Association NCO. The Association Headquarters helps organise Regimental Remembrance Day in May each year which consists of a Memorial Service in the Guards Chapel, Wellington Barracks and a wreath laying ceremony at the Guards Memorial on Horse Guards Parade. In addition in the early Summer they help organise Grenadier Day

It was known as the First Guards later becoming the First Regiment of Foot Guards and now bears the title "The First or Grenadier Regiment of Foot Guards" in honour or the defeat of the Grenadiers of the French Imperial Guards at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.
It is the only Regiment in the British Army that has directly gained it's title from the part it played in action

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Residential Ssecurity Guards and Forces

The British Army, is renown for the perfect execution of its function throughout the world. You only have to look at one aspect of the British way to deal with anything that seeks to attack its shores, from inside or out to have an idea of inherent power of the United Kingdom.

For the larger part of the Metropolitan Police force, do not carry armed weapons, one could say that this is largely because the vast majority of UK residents also do not carry or have access, legal or otherwise to fire arms. While this may be true for many other countries, it is notable for the most part the United Kingdom police force does not need to have and carry fire arms in order to keep order.

In some countries, in certain districts, they live in gated communities, only in a handful of areas in the United Kingdom do some areas have 24 residential security guards , that are on constant patrol throughout the day and night. For even the most security conscience home owners in the UK this is not a necessity. You may be able to deduct from this that United Kingdom residents are well behaved or do not respond vio...more

Bastille Day - The Revolution Begins

Bastille was the prison of the notorious Parisian. Formerly, it was known as the Bastille Saint-Antoine and it was famous 'storming of the Bastille which happened in the year 1789 of July 14th and with the beginning of the revolution of the French, 'storming of the Bastille' is now synonymous.

The 'Fte de la Federation' loosely celebrated the storming of the Bastille a year later. 'Fte National' is recently celebrated on 14th July as a national holiday in France. Outside of France, this day is normally known as the Bastille Day.

The storming of the Bastille French is actually asserted by the It was solely for the prisoners release. However, for the French armys weapons, it was considered as a store.

The French president takes the salute in Paris at a place known as Champs-lyses and it is in this particular place where the Bastille Day is honored to be the enormous military parade unlike a group of security guards in Milton Keynes . At the official residence for the president, there is a garden party that is hosted following the parade.

At the Place de la Bastille there is often a political party in the afternoon site of the prison. There are also several displays of...more

Group Development under Combat Conditions

There is always a difference in individuality that takes place the moment people start interacting or socializing. In most cases you will find out that some individuals will think they are better to take the higher and better position of leadership than others. On the other hand since people are not all the same, you will also figure out that there are those people compared to the average group member have the more knowledge. Along a variety of dimensions, you will find out that among individuals there is inequalities produced.

Among the various parts of the certain group there becomes establishment of the relationship when there is implemented apparent caused by the differences of several group members. A group structure is then formed as a result of the only stable relationships. One of the important and basic aspects of any group development then becomes the formation of the group structure. The group structure is influenced by the major factors which include; the motivations of group members and the abilities, the efficient group performance requirements, the social environment of the group and finally the physical environment of a particular group. Groups are formed with the aim of attaining a certain goal and not just for fun and all sorts of useless goals, nothing like Surrey security services . Solving problems and social reasons are some of the major importance of group forming. Any goal set for any set group should be well taken seriously by the group members so as to ensure that the perspective goals are successfully achieved. The set ...more